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1. What types of Clothing do you specialize in?

2. What is Hemp ?

3. What is Mithila Paintings ?

4. What are ’Tibetan Herbal Incense Sticks’ and are they any different to ordinary Incense Sticks?

5. I see the incense in 'gram' weights. How much incense is a gram?

6. How do I burn Tibetan, Bhutanese and Nepalese incense sticks?

7. What holder should I use to burn Tibetan, Bhutanese or Nepalese incense?

8. What is a Singing Bowl?

9. My bowl makes ugly rattling-type noises when I play it. Am I doing something wrong?

10. What is felt ?

11. What is Lokta Paper ?

12. How to make the lokta Paper?

13. What is Pashmina ?

14. Pashmina Fiber

15. Items made from Pashmina

16. My pashmina has creases, what can I do?

17. What quality are the pashmina?

18. How many ply?

19. What is Sterling Silver?

20. Are You Allergic to metal Jewelry?

21. My question is not in the above list. Can I contact you with more questions that I have?

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