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Thangka Paintings
At Creativehandnepaldotcom Thangka we specialise in providing a wide range of Master Quality Traditional and Contemporary Tibetan Buddhist and Newari Thangkas. All the Thangkas in this collection have been selected for their quality and accuracy by Dawa lama, Thangka artist, and are offered as unique paintings, unframed canvases from Tibetan thangka artists in Nepal chosen to suit a range of budgets, but all adhering to the traditional standards. Please note that images have had to be downsized to make easy web viewing and they do not do full justice to the actual paintings. We have tried to reproduce the color but much is lost over the web. Tibetan art is the visual and symbolic interpretation of the Buddha's teachings and philosophy. Imagery is used to guide and support an individual's spiritual progress. The art is functional, never signed and the strict ethos is on accuracy and intricacy, dollowing the traditional rules of iconometry to ensure spiritually beneficial images are created. As such the true techniques take years to master and a lifetime to perfect. Images are connsidered receptacles of the divine and treated with the utmost respect.

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Thangka Art Painting

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