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Nepalese Product
The Largest place for Nepalese Product, Nepali Wedding Set, Nepali Traditional Dress, Daura Surwal, Nepali Traditional Jewellery, Nepali ethnic online shopping Site.all in one place.  With plenty of choices and very affordable prices.

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Daura Suruwal
Daura is a variant of Kurta and the upper wear and Suruwal is the trouser.Daura is a variant of Kurta and the upper wear and Suruwal is the trouser.In 2017 B.S. Daura Suruwal was announced as national dress for men in government services and other national programs.

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Nepal National Flag
Nepal National Flag
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Pasni Bhat khuwai Dress
Pasni (Bhat khuwai) the Rice Feeding Ceremony is a celebration in Nepal in which a child is first fed rice by the mother. Although centuries old tradition, modern science has established the fact that child's digestive system is capable of processing solid food when they are approximately six months old which is why Pasni is held for when a baby turns six months old but it can vary between daughters and sons.
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