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Pashmina Shawl & Scarf

We carry a wide collection of Nepalese Pashmina Scarves, Shawls, Wraps, Stoles & Capes for Retail and Wholesale.  We can make in any size, colour, design and fabrics as per your requirements.  We offer superior product and best service with competitive price.  You can choose the colour  of your choice from here Color Chart If you wish to choose colour from those chart please indicate their colour number and send it to us. The word pashmina comes from the ancient Persian word “pashm” which means wool. Nepal is one of, if not the, prime exporter of pashmina products all over the world. In fact, the pashmina itself is a native and indigenous product of Nepal. Cultivated from a rare breed of goats found only at 12,000 to around 14,500 feet above sea level in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal and Central Asia, most notably Mongolia, the pashmina is considered the best cashmere on earth. The goats from where the pashmina comes are called the “capra hircus.” In order for these goats to protect themselves from the harsh temperate climate, the goats have developed short, thin and shiny inner coats on their underbelly over time. These short inner hairs have proven to be the best natural insulation in the world. When these goats shed their hair during spring, these are collected to form the pashmina. In fact, the Persian word for wool refers precisely to the inner coat of the “capra hircus.”We have tried our best to match the pashmina shawl colors in the product photos. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors as they appear on your computer monitor. Please be aware of this when you select colors.
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