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Nepali folk songs

Ani Chöying Drolma Chants Meditation Music DVD Movie Nepali folk songs Nepali fusion Music
We carry a wide selection of folk music.Traditional "folk" music is still a very large part of Nepali culture. Nepal has a very rich tradition of folk music. The extreme cultural diversity creates endless varieties of folk styles. Each region has its own particular style. Nepali folk music owes its origins to the villages of Nepal. This musical form represents the folklore and lives of the villagers. Nepali folk music is classified into its varied types depending on the region of their origination. Here is a list of some of the popular ones .Deuda Music,Dohori,Tamang Selo, Dhaan Nach  Sakela and Sorathi. Most Nepali folk songs related to work were originally sung unaccompanied, either solo, or by groups. Nepal has folk songs on birth, marriage, death, love, separation, beauty, social and economical status, village lifestyle, food, nature, bravery, folklores & folktales, folk romances, folk & historical heroes, festivals and many more.Nepali singers may sing unaccompanied or along with such traditional instruments as Madal, Sarangi, Panchai Baja,Jhyamta/Jhurma (Cymbal):Narsingha, Sanai (A kind of clarinet): , Tyamko,Murchunga Basuri and Murali
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