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Bell Dorje & Phurba

Butter Lamp & Bowl Monk Accessories Affirmation gift Box Bell Dorje & Phurba Brocade Altar cloth Buddhism & Meditation Book Chukhor & Shambu Dalai Lama Quotes Dharma Prayer Book Japa Mala Beads Prayer Flags Prayer Wheel Tibetan Deity Mantra Banners Tibetan Prayer Scarf Tingsha Cymbals Wall/Car Hanging Zafus & Meditation Cushions

Our Bell and Dorje from Nepal, handmade by Himalayan craftsmen Nepal The principal ritual objects of Tantric Buddhism, the Handbell (drilbu) and the Dorje are traditionally used together, the bell in the left hand and the dorje in the right. The bell represents yin or feminine energy, a symbol of truth, the Wisdom of the Void. The dorje represents yang or masculine energy, the diamond scepter that cuts through all obstacles, signifying appropriate and skillful action, which is Compassion. Using them together symbolizes the union of Wisdom and Compassion, which is Enlightenment.  the bell's clear, long-lasting tone will be an ongoing source of pleasure and relaxation.

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