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Prayer Wheel

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we offer are a unique combination of ancient sacred tradition and new modern technology Of Prayer wheel . Some Example of our prayer Wheel  Table Prayer Wheel, Hand Held Prayer Wheel, All of our prayer wheels are handcrafted in the Himalaya region of Nepal,The prayer wheel combines a mantra "Ohm Mani Pradme" with a movement . The mantra is cast around the outside of the wheel and the mudra's meditative movement is attained by spinning the wheel clockwise with wrist movement. Inside the prayer wheel is a scroll with the mantra "Ohm Mani Pradme" repeated 50 times. According to myth, spinning the wheel by one revolution will evoke 50 blessing. One can easily attain 1000 blessing per minute by appropriate spinning of the wheel.
We also have a special selection of the Finest Quality Authentic Thangka Paintings, Mandalas, Chakra Singing Bowls,  Tibetan Incense ,Buddha Rupa Statues and Tibetan Prayer Flags.
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