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Singing Bowl

3 Color Singing Bowl Antique Etched Singing bowl Box Cushion & Stick Brass Singing Bowl Bronze singing bowls Color Singing bowls Etcing Singing Bowl Jammed Singing Bowl Masterpiece singing bowls Old Singing Bowl Singing Bowl Singing Bowl Gift Set Tibetan Gongs

Singing bowls also Called the healing bowls, can be traced back to asia as early as 2000 B.c they are made of an alloy of seven diffreant metals connectedto seven astrological plaanets, whic creat a reange of diffrent sounds and overtones.those seven metals are gold as sun, silver as moon , mercury as mercury, copper as venus, iron as mars,tin as jupiter, lead as saturn.some singing bowls should consist of only five metals or Three Metals. these singing bowls format , depth, colour, girth, and composition are viriable. Singing bowls can be used as vessels to cook, as offering bowls ,  as beat intruments and for meditation or relaxation bowls have a double effect, with sound and vibration. science has confirmed that music as an organized form of sound can directly affect mood , brqain waves, the neruous systeam and body plays key role in the religious and spirituals of many centures. Music is still applied to aid digestion, induce sleep and treat mental disturbances. The vibrations of singing bowl stimulate the body to recreate its ownharmonic frequency and help produce the alpha waves that are present in the brain in deep relaxation singing bowls of all sizes are said to clean the atmosphere around us of negative energy and emotional blockages. Many people feel that they are touched and cleaned in their soul when they listen to the sound of the singing some people describe it "Time stands still " a felling of peace relief in aching parts of the body, or Contact withsome thing beyond daily life. it is said that renowned Masters of sound amoung Tibetan Lamas have used singing bowls in secret tituals. they have  traveled out of the body through the power of sound. if you find out a real singing bowls,you can use singing bowlsinsted of a cup of coffee to help you digest lunch to help you sleep and to help you recover from illness. Tibetan bowls are of Nepalese origin and are used by Newari People During Their Ritual Fire ceremony. There is a link  between bowls and ayurvedic approach of music therapy and ayurvedic medical this bowl eating dishes for pregnant women in Nepal. ion this Contex bowls should be used to restore the loss of minerals and Metal(iron). Tey are usually Five basic Techniques for Playing The Bowls: Beating, Encircling, Adding of water, Adding of Toneless Vowels, Spining .Origin of Bowls: Mongolian Tagoo, Indian and Chiness Jala Trang , Kashmir Noot, Indian Ghatam, Himalayan Kitchen Bowls.Seven Phase: the seven phase of complete singing bowls relaxation are a gental treatment of (1) the head, (2)the arms (3)the neck face anbd throat (4) The back (5) The abdomen and chest (6) the face (7)round of the neck lift Relaxation With Bowls Effect Promotion of the energy balance, Reducation of stress and involved emotions, Reducing of Tensions, Up grading of creatvity and imagination, Elevating Of life forces, Balancing of hermisphere of the brain, helping to harmonize body, sprite and soul, Giving a positive self-image and empowering assertiveness.

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