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Japa Mala Beads

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We offer a wide range of High quality genuine Japa Mala Prayer beads in Reasonable Price, Some Example Of Our japa Mla is  Bodhi Seed Mala,Tibetan Art Japa Mala,Yak Bone Mala,Bodhi Seed  Wrist Mala,Sandal Wood Wrist Mala,Rudraksha Japa Mala ,Lotus Seed Wrist Mala,Tibetan Rosewood Japa Mala.  Buddhist Japa mala Prayer Beads are made from a variety of materials, most commonly wood. Preferred woods are sandalwood or sacred wood from the bodhi tree. More expensive rosaries are made of precious and semi-precious stones, including pearls, rubies, crystal, amber, coral, or jade, or precious metals such as gold. They can also be made of seeds, animal bone, Traditionally, Buddhist Japa mala Prayer Beads has 108 beads, representing the 108 human passions that Avalokiteshvara assumed when telling the beads. This number also ensures the worshipper repeats the sacred mantra at least 100 times, the extra beads allowing for any omissions made through absentmindness in counting or for the loss or breakage of beads. Malas of 111 beads are also common, and derive from this same idea. A lesser number of Prayer beads is also seen in various forms of Mahayana Buddhism, usually a number divisible by three. In Pure Land Buddhism, for instance, 27 beads rosaries are common. Many Chinese rosaries have only 18 beads; one for each of the 18 lohans. Before being knotted, the string is passed through a large central bead and two smaller beads. These three additional beads keep the rest in place and indicate the completion of a cycle of mantras. They also symbolize the Three Jewels of Buddhism: the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha. The hidden string that passed through all the beads symbolizes the penetrating power of the Buddhas. Tibetan prayer mala are strings of beads used as an aid to prayer and the recitation of mantras in the Buddhist religion .A Japa mala Prayer Beads is held in the hand and rotated, one bead at a time, while mantras are recited.
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