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If you are a retailer, distributor or business interested in wholesale pricing please fill out the wholesale application form below.  We reserve the right to make our online wholesale online catalog available only to qualified resellers. Please fill in the application form below in order to gain access to our current wholesale pricing and information. Upon submittal of the completed form below you are agreed with Creative Hand Nepal's Term & Conditions and will receive an immediate response which will confirm that your application has been accepted, and you may gain access to the restricted Wholesale parts of our site.

Note : If you have already submitted the below form and received access to our current wholesale online catalog, you can place an order by selecting Online Catalog (Top of page)/My Account.  Please email us if you need assistance with logging into our wholesale online catalog

Identification: Creative Hand Nepal  offers wholesale pricing to our customers. We need several forms of identification from you to enable your wholesale account:

Company Tax Code, EIN Code or Sales License– This is necessary if you want to get trusted by us. If you are just opening a new business please state your Social Security Number or equivalent identification code

Company Name - Whether you are a web based business or a brick and mortar we verify that your business does indeed exist. Please state your company name or website name accordingly in the Company Name area in the create account form.

A Valid Email Address - We prefer a non-free email address. (No,, or any other web based FREE accounts) Since we DO NOT SHARE any of your information with anyone at any time, so this should not be a problem or concern.

A Valid Phone Number - Please leave a proper phone number where we may contact you, if need be, regarding your order. If we are unable to contact you via email for whatever reason (Usually an incorrect email address), we will try to call. If we cannot reach you or are not responded back to, we will cancel the order in question. In other words, please give us correct information!

Existing Customer  - ATTENTION, please! If you are an existing user please do NOT use this form Instead, contact us.

All wholesale applications are subject to verification. In the event that we cannot verify some or all of the information on your application we may contact you to request further documentation and/or proof of your wholesale status.

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